Our Mission

For young people across the state, Minnesota is not just where we live—it’s our home. Many of us grew up here, we go to school here, we work here. We see a future for ourselves, our friends and our families. We see all the good. We’ve also felt the heavy impact of detrimental policy decisions.

In 2018, we are at a pivotal point in our country's history. Minnesota is projected to be the top state in the nation where young people have the heaviest influence on who wins our elections this fall. With competitive races for U.S. House, a special Senate election and a gubernatorial race that can swing in any direction, young people, especially those who have been impacted the heaviest by unfair policy, cannot continue to be left behind.

Minnesota Youth Collective is working to empower the next generation of leaders to take our rightful seat at the decision making table, elect people who reflect our values, and shape legislation to better the lives of Minnesotans.


We Achieve this by:

  • Supporting and investing in the leadership of young people that government and politics have historically not given the time of day—communities of color, native communities, LGBTQ+ folks, women, and working class people. Our staff reflects these values at our own organization.
  • Making voting more accessible for young people—from registering them to vote directly to giving them the tools to get their friends out to vote.
  • Having real conversations with young people to discover the issues that move them, and then give them opportunities to make real change on what they care about.
  • Training young people to be their own advocates, whether it’s in their student government, on the local city council, or at the state capitol.