Our Theory of Change

If these Assumptions, Values, and Context Are true…


  • When young people are at the table, we can develop creative and progressive solutions to fight the huge challenges we face as a generation.

  • Transformational rather than transactional organizing is the best way to make real change.

  • Building the political power of young people will benefit all people.

  • Young people should be empowered to tell their own stories.


  • Authenticity

  • Equity

  • Social Justice

  • Honesty

  • Community

  • Accessibility

  • Intentionality


About Minnesota:

  • Minnesotans under the age of 35 are now the largest voting bloc in the state.

  • Minnesota has some of the largest racial disparities in the nation.

  • Minnesota is known for a solid history of progressive organizing and wins- young, marginalized people have been consistently left out of that progress and oftentimes sacrificed for it.

  • Minnesota’s immigrant and refugee communities are growing rapidly.

About the Minnesota Youth Collective:

  • Minnesota Youth Collective is a relatively new organization that has the opportunity to shape its reputation in the state.

  • Minnesota Youth Collective was founded by young, queer, female-identifying people who practice intersectionality in organizing.

  • Minnesota Youth Collective is an organization of young people, by young people, for all people.

…and we undertake these strategies…

People Power

  • Centering and amplifying stories of young people in ways that are not exploitative- especially poc, lgbtq, and other underrepresented groups

  • Developing young people as leaders in their own right- investing in future generations of leaders through leadership development programming

  • Meeting young people where they’re at, and making our work accessible by engaging communities

  • Open source knowledge that is traditionally held by more privileged communities

Equitable Progress

  • Committing to social justice, anti-oppression, and dismantling systemic racism

  • Building a more progressive state that puts communities first - policies that do not compromise any of our communities

  • Elect officials who look like our communities and hold our current elected officials accountable to their constituents

  • Break down barriers that stop our communities from being civically engaged through both policy and advocacy

Building Community

  • Make space for real conversations centering the experience of young people around the issues they care about

  • Connecting young people in every part of Minnesota to their larger communities organizing with ntransformation, rather than transaction

  • Develop and participate in coalitions with diverse organizations that share our values

…Then we will have this impact.

Short Term

  • Increased voter turnout and general civic participation among young people

  • Young leaders are given access to institutional knowledge and deliberate training, creating a diverse and empowered leadership pipeline in the state

  • Move issues that are most important to our communities to the forefront of electoral and political discussion

  • Create infrastructure for the engagement of young people wherever they’re at in life

Long Term

  • Create a movement structure that encompasses young people in all walks of life- regardless of education institution, class, or identity

  • The halls of power will be representative of our communities, and young people will shape policy at every level.

  • Progressive wins will prioritize marginalized communities.

  • Political knowledge and work will be accessible for all young people, increasing involvement and engagement

  • Young people become a critical constituency, and are invited to the decision-making table by candidates and elected officials.