Our Mission

Minnesota Youth Collective empowers young people to become leaders in their own right, elects people who reflect our progressive values, and builds creative legislative solutions to problems like economic inequality and social injustice, making our state a better place for all people to live.

Our Vision

The Minnesota Youth Collective is an organization of and by young people to build a more representative and just state for all Minnesotans.

We Achieve this by:

  • Supporting and investing in the leadership of young people that government and politics have historically not given the time of day—communities of color, native communities, LGBTQ+ folks, women, and working class people. Our staff reflects these values at our own organization.

  • Making voting more accessible for young people—from registering them to vote directly to giving them the tools to get their friends out to vote.

  • Having real conversations with young people to discover the issues that move them, and then give them opportunities to make real change on what they care about.

  • Training young people to be their own advocates, whether it’s in their student government, on the local city council, or at the state capitol.

What does that mean?

Founded in 2017, Minnesota Youth Collective builds the political power of young people through voter engagement, issue advocacy, and leadership development. We empower the next generation of leaders to take our rightful seat at the decision making table, elect people who reflect our values, and legislation to better the lives of all Minnesotans. In our first year as an organization, we ran a scaled electoral program reaching tens of thousands of young people across the state in the 2018 election cycle. As young people lead electoral engagement across the country, we’ve seen the generation’s energy in our own community. Minnesota’s young people know that it is our time to take control of our democracy and future, and because of the work we put in this year, they also know they have a strong political home with Minnesota Youth Collective.

For young people across the state, Minnesota is not just where we live—it’s our home. Many of us grew up here, we go to school here, we work here. We see a future for ourselves, our friends and our families. We see all the good. We’ve also felt the heavy impact of detrimental policy decisions.

In 2018 youth voter turnout was 20 points higher than 2014- and was the highest youth voter turnout in the entire country. Minnesota Youth Collective turned out young voters on a mass scale through peer-to-peer contact in high schools, colleges, and communities for our statewide gubernatorial and Senate races, Congressional races and state house races across the state. Come November, young people turned out because their peers talked to them, in their communities, about the issues they care about, making voting a positive and memorable experience. Young people helped flip the state house, along with two of the eight Congressional districts, and the Hennepin County Sheriff. With more and more young people coming of voting age, Minnesota Youth Collective will continue transforming the face of Minnesota’s electorate.